Just a couple questions that people have been sending me. If the answer you're looking for isn't here, feel free to drop me an email with your question. For any questions related to returns & exchanges, please click here.

Why did I pay $___ for shipping when it says $___ on the stamp/label? 

The price you see on the stamp/label is just what it costs to have the package sent to you. The difference goes towards the envelope/box, plus the time & materials it takes to pack everything nice & safe into it. :)

Could you please make __________?

Although I am happy to accept suggestions, there is no guarantee that I will make it.

Could you please make [licensed character]?

Sorry, but I don't crochet characters that don't belong to me. I would rather show off my own intellectual properties! Legal issues aside, I also cannot in good conscience profit off of someone else's creation.

Could you please make 30 copies of my design by next month? I need them for an event.

You are coming to the wrong person for that! I am only one craftsman and can only create so many things in a short amount of time. It's best using Google to search for professional plush toy factories for your project.

Can you teach me how to crochet?

Nooo, I'm a horrible instructor! Here's the website where I learned pretty much everything, though!

Do you use your own patterns?

Yep, almost everything I create is my own pattern. Ones that aren't are usually credited with the original source.

Are your patterns available somewhere? Could you sell them to me?

Unfortunately, all my patterns are private as I do not wish to share my process nor want others to profit off of or take credit for my personal designs. Should I publish any patterns in the future, they will be of designs that are currently not in my shop.

Where do you get materials?

HerrschnersEtsyMichaelsAmazon, and eBay!

Are you open for commissions?

Yes and no. I am open for customs of any of the design "templates" that are available at my store.

At this time I will not create something completely original.

Are you open for trades?

Not at the moment! Between my day job and managing Pocket Sushi, I currently lack the free time for trades.