Upcycled Rainbow-Stuffed Minipus Amigurumi

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Upcycled Rainbow-Stuffed Minipus Amigurumi

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These miniature octopus are special in that they are stuffed with thread scraps! These scraps normally head to the trash can, but I wanted to make use of them somehow and not waste, so I've upcycled them as the stuffing for a few white Minipus, giving them a unique rainbow effect!

Rainbow-stuffed Minipus are limited in quantity and once they sell out, you will need to wait until I've accumulated enough scraps to make more. Get them while they're fresh!

These little amigurumi cephalopods stand a mere 0.6 inches (1.5cm) tall and the outer body is crafted with soft bamboo, egyptian & cotton crochet thread. You can choose to have them standalone or as a key chain, phone charm, zipper pull, or dust plug.